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Privacy Policy

We take our responsibilities of data protection 
very seriously and safeguard your data from unauthorised access. 
Charity Monte de Sion holds data about those who are involved or 
interested in our charity vision and we use this data to 
keep people informed of events and activities, and in order to run 
our charity effectively. 
By submitting your details, you consent to us storing your 
information for the purposes described, and in line with our 
Data Privacy Notice.
If you would like to know what data we hold about you, or to 
have your details removed from our database, or to opt out of 
emails and text messaging, please contact us at

Safety and Security

Charity Monte de Sion promises to take great care with your personal data. We commit to protecting any personal information we obtain about you, whether you are a financial supporter, shopper, volunteer, partner or campaigner.

This Privacy Policy sets out how and why we obtain, use and protect personal information if you interact with us in one of these roles.

In the event that you work with us in another way - for instance, enrol in a specific event, program, apply for a job, or are a member of staff, there may be a separate Privacy Policy which describes how we use that data.

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